January 30, 2009

Read I Corinthian13.  And if you have one, read it in the New Living Translation.  A friend recently gave me a copy and I love the way it reads.

Without love all of our efforts to do good gain us absolutely nothing.  To use Paul’s line of thought, all of the knowledge we could speak, without love, only makes noise.  If my faith was such that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I’m nothing.  If I gave away everything I have to the poor, emptied the coffers of my bank accounts and 401 K, even if I gave my life in the line of duty as many missionaries have…if love was not the driving force…so what.


 Those are harsh words, in a chapter about love, when you think about it.  To love the way Paul describes requires that we have an attitude of love, and Paul describes that attitude in I Corinthians 13.





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