August 27, 2010


I have decided that getting older has advantages.  People don’t usually expect as much of you, getting tired quicker means you get to rest more, and forgetfullness seems to be expected.  There are other advantages too…

like senior discounts

I learned a new word the other day.  Daughter Malinda (who writes this blog when I’m away) used the word “Me-ology.”  I was telling her my thoughts on expectations of God and she said something like, “Too many people are stuck on Me-ology.”  She captured my thoughts better than I did.

Pay attention that our prayer life, our communal life with God, our expectations of God, are not centered around “Me.”

I am going to spend one more Sunday morning message on the idea of expectations of God because I have come to understand that it is so important to our Christian life.

Don’t misunderstand, God is interested in “Me”.  There are plenty of Biblical examples of some great people of the faith who spent time with God seeking God’s blessings on “Me” after which those same people also acknowledged God’s goodness and God’s authority to do as God saw fit.

Express yourself to God today with honesty and sincerity no matter what your petitions are…and end that conversation acknowledging God’s choice to move as God chooses.



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