June 22, 2011

Sunday’s message was “Moving Closer to Jesus”.  I’m convinced that moving closer to Jesus is the only real way to understand what we are called to do or to be.  If we are called to be the best example for Christ we can be in our day to day lives we need Jesus to lead us through our life.  There are all sorts of questions that present themselves to us as people, places and things.  That means that if we look at people with the intent to understand them we might hear in our mind, “Speak to me, I’m lonely, I’m afraid, I’m struggling right now, my marriage is suffering,  how can I cope with this?…”  We could go on and on with more problems than we can think of.  Being closer to Jesus gives us courage to move closer to people so that Jesus might show his love and compassion to them through us.

Places we go and things we do offer questions to us.  “Would you pause and look at the beauty before you?  As you enjoy opportunities I’ve given you to travel, to have nice things, will you find the time for me?” 

Each day gives us opportunities to move closer to Jesus and each day offers opportunities to use his presence to show his love.  The Scripture suggests that Jesus stands ready in an instant’s thought to hold us, speak to us, love us, give us peace, and use us…the only pre-requisite is that we stay close to him.



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