I’ve been thinking about seasons lately.  It seems to me as though our lives consist of them.  Not summer, winter, spring, and fall… not that kind of season.  For example, the season in my life for teaching music as  a living is coming to a close, but another season is beginning.  This transition is one that I’m super excited about… and the transition between – the waiting – it has been a time all it’s own.

You can learn a lot about people as they transition from season to season in their lives.  Some do it very graciously and some can be pretty awkward.  It’s either hard to let go or hard to move on – or just hard to adjust to change.  Some of us go grudgingly into the new and some of us skip merrily along right into it.  I’m not saying there is only one way to enter into or let go of a life season – I’m saying that change is inevitable if we want to reach the full potential of God’s plans for us.

I like that.

So, friends, where are you?  A question to ponder as you go about your day…

Much Love,


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