October 31, 2011

I had a good time at the 5th Sunday singing last night.  It’s fun to mingle with old and new friends and watch people have a good time together.  It was fun to be in church.

I thought about several things last night.  I thought about how good it was to see so many young people there, and not just there, but participating as well.  My friend Joe was right, “…they could have been anywhere else tonight but they will remember being here for a long, long time.”

I thought about how neat it is to see people having fun singing and laughing, worshipping God together.  It’s a view of heaven to me, people who  have spent their life doing kingdom business enjoying a time of rest and refueling.

I also thought about how fortunate I am to have in my life so many older pastors (I see several of these guys at 5th Sunday singing).  While I don’t very often get nostalgic about church because the church must be on the move in our modern-day and time – we dare not sit back saying ‘Remember when…’ –  I do find a grounding in my faith through the older ones who have preached and taught longer than I’ve been alive.  There is knowledge in these folks that has so much to offer if us younger ones would only listen.  I choose to listen.

All of that says to me that the remember when” moments are not gone with yesterday, they are available today when we choose to make them available.  We dare not dismiss today and tomorrow as lost causes, we dare not lose ourselves in the thoughts of memories gone by.  It is our choice to make new memories where the church is a vital part of our lives…memories that our children will someday look back on and say, “Remember When?”




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