January 3, 2013

2013 is a new year and a new opportunity to make some sort of impact on the lives of people around us.  I began a book by Wendell Berry (as suggested by a blogging friend) entitled Jayber Crow.  Jayber was describing the river that flowed through his childhood home and he writes:

“It’s hard to look at the river…and believe that history has happened to it.  The river, the river itself, leaves marks but bears none.  It is only water flowing in a path that other water has worn.”

I’m thinking about how we have the ability to either flow in the path that others have worn…or we have the ability to wear a path for others to follow.  It’s easy to follow the path of least resistance and just flow the path before us, but as Christians we are called to alter courses.

I look around in many of the places where I find myself each week and I see a lot of worn river beds…some are nearly dry from exhaustion, others are flowing calm, sometimes raging, but always eating away barriers bit by bit…and I see rivers winding through time following the sleepy path of already traveled water.

The call to Christ means that each of us are to flow leaving behind a path that leads to Jesus.  Sometimes our path might wind a bit but when we wind we should intersect with others making their path to Jesus…and together our strength joins.

Determine this year to follow more closely to Jesus…and note that what keeps us forging ahead is our ability to come together…Remember that the term “Solitary Christian” is an oxymoron.




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