January 19, 2013

I attended the funeral visitation for an old friend today.  Kelly Lunn was 88 years old.  It is a good day for him (He was a good man who listened to Jesus’ command to care for the least of these) he enjoys the Promise that awaits the faithful

But for me it was a sad day because another of his generation has passed.  It’s sad because the passionate stories of Life, sometimes difficult life, are fading away to exist only as unemotional words in a history book.  First hand knowledge of yesteryear is just another thing that time erases with the passing of a generation.

Kelly owned and operated a country store when I first met him.  It was one of those stores where people gathered and talked about whatever was on their mind…

Politics – if any local Democratic candidate was serious about being elected, their path to office went through Kelly. 

Weather – rainy days, stormy days, wintry days, beautiful days, all were cussed and discussed while sitting around eating cheese and crackers or moon pies washing them down with cold drinks.

Bird hunting – many a pointer began and finished its career by the good instruction of Kelly.

Coon hunting – ringtails and bandits would meet their fate when the store closed and the moon begin to rise.

Baseball – Kelly was an avid fan and even played minor league ball in his day.

Friendships and laughter – Stories were swapped, jokes were told, pranks were pulled, and old friends were helped and maintained…all of that and much more were memories from Kelly Lunn’s Store.

I will miss Kelly even though I hadn’t seen or talked to him for years, but somehow just knowing that he was there brought a comfort that there were still some old gentlemen who carried within them the memories of yesterday coupled with the joy of thinking about it…sometimes light hearted, sometimes not, but always facts of life or realities to ponder.

As I have since the early 70’s, I will carry Kelly’s memory with me the rest of my days.  It’s interesting how one can affect another so much without even trying.  I suppose character and integrity are still truly unforgettable traits that influence and make a lasting impression.

So as my heart is sad at the loss of a friend, I will remember him with a smile.  And as I pass by his old store I will remember the time spent there…and I will remember sitting under the moon on top of Buckeye Ridge with Kelly, Tom Raggsdale, and Richard Painter listening to the coon dogs run and reminiscing the stories of times past.

I’m sure there was more to Kelly than I know but I was positively affected by what I do know.  I’ll meet Kelly again some day…and I’ll expect him to be about the Lord’s business in some way.




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