January 30, 2013


Details are so important…the brush stroke on the canvas, the pixels in the picture, all are smaller parts of the whole.   Our life is made of details, details that make up the experiences we’ve gone through, the experiences that tried to teach us, direct us, tried to get our attention, or even define us…details are all the experiences that made up the circumstances of our life’s story…

What I’ve noticed is that very often God seems to speak to us through those Experiences, that’s not an original thought with me but one I’ve come to understand and appreciate over time…God uses the layers of our life to do certain things (I believe God uses us when we give our life to him and ask him to use us however God sees fit) and it is within those layers, those experiences that he so often reaches out to us, pointing us this way or that way, suggesting options, different paths, using those times to get our attention and point us toward life within the Kingdom all the while giving us assurances and reassurances, corrections and directions so that we get the most out of life for both our work and our joy.

It is the details of the larger picture where we most seem to experience the beauty of the presence of Jesus.




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