February 7, 2013


Sometimes focusing on the details can be rather abstract, confusing, or maybe details just don’t let us see the true beauty.  Details can be choppy, crude or even obscure.



When that happens, when the big picture gets lost in the details, we have to step back and look from a different vantage point to see with more clarity.  In other words sometimes the greater beauty is seen in the big picture where the details combine and fit together.


The details of life are the moments, the efforts, the work, the play, the things that happen to us or for us.  The larger picture is our goals, where we’re headed in life, what we look forward to…And sometimes life distracts us from the larger picture – usually because we are so intent looking at how to make the best of the moment, or because things don’t always go the way we plan.

The same is true in our religious life.  The detail is the life we live day to day and the effort we make at helping God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  The larger picture is people, mission is people…It is helping people see the beauty in the life of Jesus Christ, the mind of God.

A balanced Christian life is living the details all the while keeping an eye to Jesus.  Sometimes we can see clearly up close…other times to see clearly we have to back off and broaden our vision.



6 thoughts on “February 7, 2013

  1. Jim, I think this post is beautiful, and I love how you look for beauty in all the details of life. God has led me to do the same. I have a Friday with Friends blog link-up on my blog Beauty Minute where I invite friends, or other people the Lord leads me to, who share the same vision for beauty. I ask them to share a “Beauty Minute” with a photo and short devotion–and I would love to have you share this devotion with my readers if you would be interested.

    May God continue to color your life beautiful today.

      • Thanks Jim. I can re-blog your post so it links directly to this post, (but not all the content will show) or copy the content into my post with links back to this post. Either way, I would include a short bio and it will be posted also on the Facebook page. If you saw today’s Friday with Friends you can see how it was set up. I’ll do whatever you prefer, and will probably title the link-up prompt “Finding Beauty in the Big Picture.” Thanks so much for being willing to share, just let me know how you would like me to post it. Blessings.

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