March 3, 2013

In the text of Luke 13: 1-5, Jesus was battling an age old thought about who was more special than another.  This occasion was about the effects of sin, but Jesus was combating a thought that plagued people in his day and continues to plague people in our day:

“Who Jesus, does God love more?  Who Jesus, is fit for the Kingdom of Heaven and who is not?  Who Jesus, is more of a sinner than another?  Who Jesus, did you die to save and give life?”

They didn’t exactly put it that way but what else would we expect when Jesus gave his answer?

“Do you think these were worse sinners than others…No I tell you, but unless you repent you will perish as they did.  What about those eighteen who were killed when the tower of Siloam fell on them – do you think they were worse sinners than anybody else in Jerusalem?  No but unless you repent you will perish as they did.”

In other words don’t make judgments about what we perceive as the sin in other’s lives, we have enough Repentance of our own to worry about.

As Christians there may be something to our special-ness but if it is, our special-ness is not for us it’s for others.  Our special-ness simply allows us what we need to relate to people who are different from us, people who we might be tempted to think are more sinful than us, people who need to understand that God doesn’t zap us when we sin, God does not cripple us, or make us sick, or otherwise cause harm to us…God does not cause towers to fall on us…God is the author of Life, abundant Life, God offers us Good.

Peace and Life!


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