March 26, 2013

As I read through the Scripture about the last week of Jesus’ life I get the feeling that:

Jesus had entered the city and the shouts of Hosanna! had calmed down to the normal sort of noise for such a time…Jesus moved about the city spending time in the Synagogue teaching and being very pointed with the religious leadership.  Jesus knew that his time was short and his indignation with religious hypocrisy was sealing his fate.  This is the mental picture I have of this time in the last week before the crucifixion.

The first thing that comes to my mind about all that is the cries of Hosanna!, the noise of the people as Jesus came close to the people’s hearts bringing signs of hope.  Jesus always seemed to bring hope to people when he came near…and people always seemed to respond with words of praise.

What Jesus seems to want is that we recognize his closeness each day, that we recognize his presence from the beginning of the day to the end of the day…Because when we do that, when we recognize Jesus’ presence…we become people of hope, not despair, but people who have a hope.  And hope can be defined as:

Hope: “A desire accompanied by an expectation.”

When we hope that way Jesus continues to bring from our minds expressions of Hosanna!

Peace and Hope



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