March 28, 2013

With all the noise of the world, the arguing, the bickering, the frustrations about social issues to political issues…the message of this week, the week that Christians call Holy Week seems to be asking:

“What do we do with Jesus?”

The poor and the social outcasts cheered as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in Kingly fashion, the religious status quo were disgusted, and the Romans just seemed to be amused, and everybody seemed to be wondering:

“What do we do with Jesus?”

As the week wore on the answer to the question began to take shape and culminated into the arrest of Jesus as some could not allow his message to make the changes in their hearts that would allow them to accept Jesus’ words and actions as the mind of God.

Long story short, Jesus was crucified and buried, out of sight out of mind.

But then Sunday happened…and those that had opposed Jesus and had him killed still had to deal with those who continued to follow Jesus.

And the question for them in those days reverberates through the centuries to our day…

“What do we do with Jesus?”

Just something to thing about…



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