April 12, 2013


After I read the Prayer of St. Francis (see April 8th post) I couldn’t help but think how easy it is to live the opposite of that…it sounds good to be instruments of Peace, people of Love and Pardon, people of great Faith who live by Hope and Joy. We try hard to be Light, lighting up the dark places where we find ourselves, seeking to console the lonely, the hurt, the frustrated…we want to Understand, we try to Give…and we succeed many times in some if not all of those things from time to time…

But sometimes we aren’t always peaceful, our faith breaks down when we’re injured, and despair sometimes creeps in and steals our joy…and sometimes…we find ourselves wanting so bad to be understood…when we would be much better served trying to understand so that we could better access situations, better understand the position of others, better understand that if we look from different angles  we usually see much more clearly putting us in positions to offer the Life giving message of God’s Grace, God’s unconditional Love and Acceptance…

St. Francis taught us a pattern that expresses the mind of God, and if we live by that pattern…we will find ourselves closer to Jesus following his lead through the ambiguities of what life offers.





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