April 10, 2013 Reflections of the morning

Sitting in my normal spot at this time of the morning, looking out that same tall, narrow, window at the trees bending with the wind.  The rain gives a fog-like look to everything outside.  The view almost resembles a dream.

As I look I am reminded of the choice of God to bring the rain, and as sure as the rain falls, the sun will shine later.  God is with us and God knows what we need.

In fact, God promises to be with us and we can count on that in various ways.  God is with us through his Spirit, God made that promise through Jesus when he said “And surely I will be with you always” (Matthew 28:20).  God is with us as the rain falls and we know that the earth will be watered so the seed will grow.  That might sound more poetic than real but the truth is that no matter how much technology we have…we still need the rain; God gives the rain. 

God is with us through people we meet who offer us love through their words or their actions.  God is with us as we encounter trials that if we pay attention…those trials will make us stronger to face greater issues that the cares of the world will throw at us.  God is with us as we make choices, God allows us the power to choose…  When  we make statements such as, “Where is God in that?”  The answer is that God was there watching somebody make wrong choices and watching to see how we react to that wrong choice.

So as I watch the trees bend and the rain fall this morning I am reminded of the presence of God to come into any situation and bring good.  And I have to ask myself:

 “Where in my trials, where in my frustrations, where in my suffering do I see God?” 

God may be out in the open figuratively waving his arms, God may be in the shadows barely visible, but no matter where…God is there if I can arrange my thinking to notice him.  I believe that with all my heart because I have experienced God’s presence so many times, sometimes it only took a glance, other times it took a long hard look in silence to see him.  But God was true to his assuring promise.




2 thoughts on “April 10, 2013 Reflections of the morning

  1. Genesis 8:22 tells us that planting and harvesting will never fail as long as the Earth endures, and we do need rain to make that happen. Matthew 4:45 tells us that the rain will fall where God wills it whether the people are just or not. God always fulfills His promises.

    Where is God when troubles come to pass? Why doesn’t He do anything? I think that He does, that in fact our troubles would be so great we couldn’t endure them if He didn’t intervene. I also think that when something bad happens globally or individually, it’s not God that allows it, but us. Many times, if not all, things that happen can be traced back to human beings breaking the laws of God.

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