May 14, 2013

Jesus told the disciples not long before his death that after he went away the disciples would receive a gift, a power…a transforming power actually.  A power that would enable them to follow him more closely and do the things Jesus did.

At Pentecost the power came bringing that transformation and enabling the faithful band to come out of hiding and move into the shadows not to hide, but to take light into those shadows and transform the darkness with the message of the resurrected Christ.

In the 40 day prayer guide I am reading, Bishop Reuben Job says:

“The Incarnation is made real in us as we become a holy chalice to carry the Transforming Presence of God everywhere we are called to go.”

God’s Spirit that came at Pentecost allows us the power to Go.

Job continues:

“The invitation of Jesus to every disciple is, ‘Come follow and together we will go where the wounds are.’ That’s where Jesus always goes and there the Transforming Presence will heal wounds, and reveal God’s Kingdom.”

God’s transforming power was unleashed on our world and has given us what we need to go with Jesus where the wounds are.




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