May 17, 2013

I just got sit down in my usual spot at the coffee shop this morning, started my computer, and looked out the same window that I look out of most mornings during the week.  And honest to goodness my thought was “Ahhhh Familiar”.

Most of us are so Comfortable with the familiar…sometimes too comfortable with the familiar.  Comfortable enough that when we get out of the familiar we’re a little fidgety, or nervous, or our mind just doesn’t think the same…that’s my problem so much of the time, the thinking part.  I think better when I’m in familiar surroundings.

But I guess what hit me when I thought about the familiar was both good thoughts as well as not so good thoughts.  The good thoughts are how the familiar give us peace, a feeling of security as we know what to expect so we don’t worry so much. 

The not so good thoughts are how if we rarely venture out of the familiar we stay within the confines of what we already know, or feel, or think…

What seems to happen to most of us when we are out of the familiar, then, is that we pretty much stay in the same place mentally and spiritually.  There are exceptions to every rule so I can’t say that always happens, but much of the time, personally speaking anyway, when we don’t venture out of the familiar it’s us who suffer.

Enjoy the familiar surroundings because it gives us a chance to relax and rest…but don’t be tied to the familiar because it will stifle us.

Just something to think about…


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