June 13, 2013

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks.  Got home from a mission trip in Cherokee NC in time to head out for the Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in Brentwood Tn.  This is where the business of the church at the conference level is done combined with worship, Bible study, and being together with all the preachers and lay delegates of the conference.  And since the preachers in the United Methodist Church are itinerate, appointments are set at conference as well.  Some of the goings on are extremely boring and some is extremely uplifting….this conference was largely uplifting and for that I am grateful.

Anyway, my mind has been on discipleship the last few weeks, in particular how we might grow in our faith.  And I’ve talked about finding the Holy in the ordinary and moving closer to Jesus as a way to grow and feel the presence of Jesus.  Much of what our speakers said at conference resonated with my thoughts and continue to affect my thinking.  What I’ve thought, what I heard and what I’m thinking is the relational aspect of our spiritual life.  Knowing Jesus as opposed to knowing about Jesus.

And I think, if we want to grow and be true to our call to discipleship we will find relational ways to understand Jesus, relational ways to offer Jesus, relational ways to reach out with the purpose of helping other people understand this love that reaches through the centuries drawing people toward Jesus.

Not only is our spiritual life to be relational to Jesus…but we are to be relational with those with whom we are trying to offer Jesus.  Are we being the salt that seasons our surroundings? 

Something to think about…




One thought on “June 13, 2013

  1. Well that’s just it, isn’t it? I think we are all born with the Divine inside of us, our soul if you will. It is like a seed that needs to open and flower, but just like farmers or gardeners can create ideal conditions for germination, it still takes God to open the seed.

    Churches and conferences are all well and good. But the reality is that they are not the usual places where people who need God go. I think people who believe in God need to live God in their lives, even when it isn’t easy to do so and when they think no one is watching. Being a conduit of God’s love is more important than discussing whether new carpeting is needed in the church. We ARE the church and there’s a huge difference between playing religion and following God.

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