June 14, 2013

Jesus has always been relational, follow him through the Gospels…Jesus was always being among people, being personal with people…

I am convinced that unless we are able to relate to Jesus in a personal way, an experiential way…that we will only know about Jesus without experiencing him in our day to day life…and if we don’t experience Jesus in our day to day life…we only know about him like we know about George Washington or Abe Lincoln, something we read in a book…and we miss the part of Jesus that seeks to be with us, the part that comforts us when we hurt, the part that allows us to have peace through suffering, the part that shows us the freeing power of forgiveness, acceptance, and how love is to be a way of life and discipleship is to be a lifestyle not a program.




2 thoughts on “June 14, 2013

  1. I very much like how you stated that about experiencing Jesus the way we would Washington or Lincoln. I’ll definitely remember that for future conversations with others.

  2. Yes. It’s easy to know about Jesus…but what Jesus seems to want is that we Know him. The presence of his Spirit allows that. By the way…thanks for the comments.

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