June 18, 2013

Because I am like most of us I need reminders that keep me faithful, so I have taped to my computer screen and around my desk quotes that motivate me quite often. They keep me focused and they also keep me moving; they keep me from sitting back and being comfortable. And we are called to be joyful not comfortable.

In fact a little distress in our life is a good thing, it keeps us from becoming complacent, this is especially true in our religious life. If we’re complacent too long the world moves on without us and we find ourselves wondering what happened…a little bit of distress, usually in the form of change keeps us up to date and on the edge of what’s going on around us.

I’m not speaking of change as in compromising our beliefs, I’m speaking of change as in staying in touch with how people live and how they learn, what drives them and how they understand Jesus.  Moving closer to Jesus involves moving, and if we move long enough our surroundings will look much different than they did a long time ago…we change.

The same seems to be true with our faith.  If we continue to move in our faith our surroundings change, or they seem to change, at least the way we see things change as our faith takes us deeper into the mind of God where so many hard and fast rules seem to melt into a pool at the feet of Jesus…and our faith in Jesus teaches us how to love with an uncompromising love…

Just some thoughts for the week…




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