July 2, 2013

I was sitting outside the coffee shop this morning waiting on it to open.  I wasn’t really paying attention to anything in particular but I could hear a lot of noise.  It sounded like there were cars moving up and down the road beside me…but there were no cars at the time.  The noise was apparently coming from other roads nearby.  There were some individual sounds but mainly it was just a steady hum.

I was amazed at how loud the sounds were and how when cars did go by the noise level didn’t change very much.  I sat and just listened for a few moments and let my mind wander.

I suppose because I was thinking about it anyway, my mind wandered to Mark chapter two where the friends of a lame man lowered the man through a roof where Jesus was because the crowds were too big for them to get in the door.

The connection I saw was that all the noise I was hearing was blocking the way to where I wanted to be – in silence to think and work on the message for Sunday.  I wanted to be close to Jesus but the noise crowded out my path creating a distance between me and where I wanted to be.

And I began to wonder how many people sincerely have the urge to get close to Jesus – much like the lame man in Mark’s story – but are kept at a distance because of all the noise, distractions, or whatever else we call things that get in the way between us and Jesus.

And then I thought about the friends of the man in the story.  It was the friends who found a way to get the man to Jesus.

I know how that speaks to me…how does that speak to you?




One thought on “July 2, 2013

  1. You felt as if sitting outside the coffee shop waiting for it to open caused you to exposed to all the sounds that were blocking the way to where you wanted to be, yet, it was your desire to be there, putting the your physical want above your spiritual one. Still, God in His faithfulness, used the scenario as a base to build your message upon.

    Is He wonderful, or what?

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