July 12, 2013

I mentioned yesterday that I took some time to Think.  I have always thought it good to spend some time just thinking, contemplating various things either for clarity or just to be in God’s presence open to whatever God might want to speak to that quietness.

This morning I read from Carlo Carretto:

“It is enough for me to contemplate and it is the Spirit (God’s Spirit) who gives me the power to contemplate:  He (God’s Spirit) is the love of God in me.”

I usually don’t think that deep when I go off and think…but when any of us pause before God with nothing to say, what is happening on another level is very often our spirit witnessing with God’s Spirit that we are God’s children (Romans 8:16).  We need that witness from time to time if we are to keep our wits about us as we move on through this life following Jesus.

If we can be honest with ourselves, sometimes it’s difficult to pray.  That doesn’t mean we’re heathens or that we don’t love Jesus…it simply means, I think, that we need to listen.  There are times when we are so busy pouring our heart out to Jesus that we don’t stop to listen to what he might have to say to us.

If we can take regular times to get away and just listen or think or contemplate we might find it easier to pray in difficult – or joyful – times.

Just something to think about…



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