July 14, 2013

We speak in Christian circles about turning our life over to Jesus.  We talk about being good, moral people who go to church and don’t do bad stuff.  (Not the best definition of turning a life over to Jesus but a fairly common one I think).

What I have discovered through personal experience is that a life lived for Jesus isn’t complete until the Mind is turned over to Jesus as well.  If the mind is not turned over then we retain some of the negative of our old life.

Without the mind being transformed (Romans 12:2) bitterness still lingers, un-forgiveness still haunts, apathy doesn’t go away, and we spend too much time looking at ourselves…what’s in it for me?  There is probably more, suffice it to say that if our mind is not given with the rest of us we are holding on to things we should let go. 

When minds are given to Jesus we still have some issues, but by and large we become people who instead of spending time with hurt feelings harboring bitterness and un-forgiveness – we become people who focus on Jesus, his message, and how we might offer that message to others.  Otherwise we might look good on the outside, do some good things…but when opposition comes up, our witness points to self when it should be pointing to Jesus.

A principle worth remembering:

A mind given to Jesus points to Jesus when the chips are down.







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