July 17, 2013

About the time we think we have God all figured out…something grasps us that teaches us otherwise.  We have to be so careful when we pin God to the wall declaring his absolute ways absolutely.  

Carlo Carretto described how God seems to reveal himself to us in ways not quite like what we are looking for.  He says:

“…I began to discover how God goes about what he is doing, I began to distinguish his stealthy footsteps.”

Carretto goes on:

I was thirsty for presence, so , in order to stretch out my desire, he presented himself as absence.  Therefore, I was obliged to purify my faith and tell him I believed in him, not out of self-interest, but out of love.  I was thirsty for his light and truth, so he presented himself in darkness.” (Emphasis mine)

Not only does God reveal himself in what we often think strange ways, but he seems to do that for a reason.  God wants us to feel his presence in the emptiness or the tragedy of life as well as the fullness and the joy. 

If all of our desire for God is self-interest we often have a difficult time finding him.  God wants our attention because we love him.  Accept the things that we don’t understand as part of life in a broken world…loving God whether we feel his presence…or not.

Carretto writes of God:

“I shall be present, and you will not see me; I shall be your lamp, and you will not realize it; I shall embrace you, and you will not feel anything.  ‘Then I shall know truly whether you love God because he is God, or whether you love him because he is the solution to your problems.’”

God says that if we seek him we will find him…we just have to be aware that God may show himself through the darkness or even the feeling of absence…






3 thoughts on “July 17, 2013

  1. Your post made me think of those times when people blame or question God about why something bad happens to them or their loved ones (I’m very guilty of this).

    Take for an example cancer. I don’t think God gives it to people. I think we do it to ourselves by polluting and changing the order of how things were meant to be, that is, going against God’s laws. We are forgiven for our wrongdoing if we ask for forgiveness, but in some shape or form, we suffer the consequences of our actions either because we did it personally, or by passively allowing it to happen.

    Almost 10 years ago I went through one life-altering crisis after another all in the span of less than 6 months. I actually felt as if I’d fallen down a deep dark hole with no way out. I watched the circle of white light at the top get smaller and smaller. Then one day I cried out to God, “end it”. When I was at the lowest point in my life, He sent help in the form of my sister and brother-in-law. Had God deserted me in my despair? I felt as if He had, but there was a spark within me that knew better. He was always there

    Sometimes with our human eyes, we see only darkness, whether this is our own willful self, or whether it is the work of an outside agency opposed to the Light, I can’t say for a certainty, but I think the Light, God, is always there for us – always. Why? Because He gave us His breath, His Spirit, to give us life.

    Dear God.

    Please mix your spit with clay to apply to my spiritual eyes that I may see.

    John 9:6

      • I believe that because I think God IS love and when you love someone, you want only the best for them. If they decide not to accept it, or actively fight against it, then love holds your hand from meting out punishment or retaliation. That leads me to free will which we know God has given us. The love from God flows freely. We can dam it up (or we think that we are) or we can let it flow in, and then outward, to others. God’s love never runs out and always shines in the darkness.

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