Good Morning

I had a job interview this last Sunday.  It is for the same church that I attend and work at now, but for a different position.  I will still be a youth worker, but also have the opportunity to be a Worship Arts Director.  Fancy words for Jill-of-all-trades 🙂

The pastor told me to share my passion for worship.  I kinda tanked the sharing part of that.  Just froze up and said some words that may or may not have made any sense.  Probably didn’t.  Me being me – I have been obsessing about that question.

I have a passion for worship because church just isn’t about going to a certain place at a certain time to be with certain people.  That is part of it, but we go to worship God and to praise Jesus and become renewed in our spirits to face the hard days ahead.  It isn’t just about learning – It’s this package deal kind of thing that is life changing in it’s entirety.  It is also a way to learn to practice worship every day so that the tough ones don’t eat you.

Ok.  I feel better now.  That is what I wish I would have had the presence of mind to say.

have a great day!  love and smiles,

daughter #2


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