August 6, 2013

It seems that whatever I’ve read this week has to do with trusting in God.  Abraham trusting God to go where God told him to go, the Israelites grumbling in the desert when God wanted them to trust him concerning water and food, and then my devotions have been aimed at trusting God for God’s will in our life and in our situations…

I needed to hear all of that. 

Especially since trusting God is rarely easy but always puts demands on us, that trust usually takes us out of comfort, out of what we think would be more in line with our thinking…God just seems to use our trust (if we are willing) to put aside our own wants in order to allow him to sustain us and to help the Kingdom be a better place.

I especially appreciated realizing that the Apostle Paul never wanted to be the Apostle to the Gentiles, he wanted to be an appreciated Jewish scholar.  St Ambrose and St Augustine never wanted to be overworked and worried Bishops, nothing could have been farther from their mind…but God gave them – like God gives us – a heart to be broken for the spiritually weak and for the broken and suffering…

The cost of discipleship is great, but moments of joy are multiplied.




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