September 22, 2013

Remember that Fosdick said:

“Only by a stronger passion can evil passions be expelled, and…a soul unoccupied by a positive devotion is sure to be occupied by spiritual evil…such is the Master’s life of positive goodness, so full, so glad, so triumphant, that it conquered sin by surpassing it.”

Our passion for good is to be our stronger passion so that our effect on others brings them closer to Jesus.


Is our passion to want to forgive stronger than our will to hold on to things that will eat a hole in our heart and make our life miserable?

Is our passion to persevere through adversity stronger than our bent toward cowering before the things that oppose us?

Is our passion to be positive such that we look for positive among the negative?

Is our passion to see the beauty around us strong enough to overcome pain and heartache?

Is our passion to love strong enough to sacrifice our time and energy to offer peace to somebody else…even those who have nothing to offer us in return?

It is impossible to make another choose the right passion…it is up to those who will to live them day in and day out for all to see…and to offer those things to the very ones who need to understand them the most…and we don’t usually know who those people are…so there is never a time to let down a guard…because the effect we have on anybody will influence their life in particular ways, and that life will affect another, and another and another…




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