September 25, 2013

God seems to have a way of testing our memory as well as our faith.

When we’re going through difficult times in so many different ways, everything from physical pain to mental and spiritual pain, it does us well to think back to when we fell back on faith and overcame those things in a different time and space.

When each victory (in various forms) is quickly stifled by mental stress or exhaustion it does us well to remember back to those times when the same thing happened before.  We didn’t like it then…and we don’t like it now.

But if we would stop and think, when we are trying our best to follow God’s leading, God may need to test our memory and take us back to the times when we trusted him more closely.  Our mental stress might just be God saying, “O you of little faith…”

Overcoming obstacles is part of our life with Jesus.  We like to think that once we overcome our initial doubt and through faith believe and begin to follow Jesus that our toughest obstacles are over…not so.

  It takes faith to continue just as it takes faith to begin.

So when I rejoice one moment and then feel the weight of the world on my shoulders the next minute…I will stop and remember how God came into that scene before, I will call on and trust God and fall back on the faith that God has never wanted me to forget…

Peace and faith



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