October 7, 2013

I read something this week that I believe to be true.

“Where two or three are gathered, one has a broken heart or one that is breaking.”

I thought about that statement a lot the last few days, and I began to notice people.  I notice people in various places and apply the thought to each situation.  And since we don’t always know which heart is the one that is broken or breaking, we treat each as though they were the ones.  When we do that:
It will change our perceptions. 
It will change our judgments.
It will change our opinions.
It will change our temptations to find fault.
It will change our failure to forgive.
It will change our bent toward getting even.
It will stop our gossip.
It will soften our anger.
It will open our slanted eyes and straighten our furrowed brow.

And all of that will change our relationship with God and draw us deeper into God’s presence as we look toward God instead of our inclination to find fault with our neighbor.

A broken or breaking heart is in need of encouragement…not criticism.

Pay attention to the two or three or ten or twenty, and be aware of the brokenness…handle each conversation or action with the healing knowledge of Jesus.




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