November 1, 2013

This Sunday is All Saints Sunday.  A time to reflect upon and honor those before us whose lives have been transformed by, and have reflected the holiness of our God.

Who have been those that affected our thinking, challenged us to be better than we currently are, helped us to understand success…who before us have helped us to aim for perfection?

We are tempted to go off rattling the names of the great ones in Christianity, and in doing so we would be honoring people who taught many of us through their writings down through the centuries.

But we also learn from the Normal people who turned extraordinary through their quest for the Mind of Christ.  The people who struggled to make ends meet and yet stayed true to their belief in a sustaining God. 

The ones who had serious doubts but through their perseverance they overcame those doubts and understood that God allows us to choose our life and our choices sometimes have lasting effects on our life.

The ones who taught us how to suffer and understand that God’s power is made perfect in weakness.

The list could go on…

All of these can cause us to reflect on our life, and whether or not we choose to allow their lives to affect us is up to us.  In other words we can say, “Who could struggle that way, who could doubt and overcome that doubt, who could persevere through what I face, who could look upon suffering as perfect power?”

As difficult and impossible as any of that seems there have been those before us that did these things…some of them we knew because they affected our lives…but others did what they did in such obscurity that unless we were part of their mission we would never know….these were the ones who were patiently looking for Jesus in the faces of the broken…

Pause to reflect on those who have crossed our path and made a difference in our life.


Just something to think about…




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