November 12, 2013

The idea of change has been on my mind.  Not just that we need to accept changes that come our way but the idea that Life is happening all around us and if we don’t have something to anchor to, something to base our life on…then we don’t usually fare so well when Life throws a curve whether it’s change or anything else that stops us from moving forward.

For those of us who call ourselves Christian, it seems that once we realize that the road to perfection took on a new meaning when Jesus was born, once we understand that the world is not headed downhill for chaos rather, the world is headed for perfection in Jesus, once we understand that…not just know about it but understand it…we seem to handle the differences that come our way a little bit better.

There may well be a tension from the distresses and distractions we face, but as the Apostle Paul says, the peace of God that transcends all understanding…will guard our hearts and our minds.





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