November 14, 2013

Sorry for the long post but I started and couldn’t stop…

Relationship and Change have a connection that many of us rarely connect the dots and understand.  In other words it depends on what or where the relationship is based as to how change affects us.

As Christians we claim a relationship with Jesus that keeps us centered…but often times it seems that what the relationship is actually based on is more of a tradition, the church in particular. 

Some say ‘The Church’ is my anchor, ‘The Church’ is my strength, ‘The Church’ keeps me centered, as if ‘The Church’ was an entity…and the Scriptures lead us to believe that the church is individual people each with their own gifts.  The church is not an institution or a building, the church is the people, and trust in people will always leave disappointments because none of us measure up to the expectations of any other of us.

Speaking from a Christian perspective, when a relationship is based on tradition, ‘The Church’ or otherwise…we suffer when change challenges us, and it is our relationship and our faith that often falters because our base, our root, our anchor is in something that is easily destroyed when things…change.

But when the relationship is based on our faith and knowledge of Jesus, we still may not like change but that change doesn’t threaten our faith or our belief that God is in control.  We see God as our center and we always have God, the familiar, to maintain us.  With God there is always the familiar amid whatever changes…therefore when faith in God is rooted in our trust in Jesus, change is not our enemy…the real enemy is trying to tell us that to change is to lose something, that to change will take away our familiar…the real enemy is telling us that change is taking away our anchor…

I said the other day that Christianity has always been about change…God seems to want us to be moving, ever-changing from what we were to what we can be…that usually involves change in some way.  The Biblical perspective is that change can take us deeper into the relationship with God so that we might know him better.  And to know God better allows us to, maybe better said, pushes us… to change…and the ability to go through change without that change destroying our connection with him or destroying our relationship with other people.

God told Moses and God told Joshua as their life was developing (changing) into what God wanted them to be:

“Be strong and courageous.  Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you…” (Joshua 1:9″)

God had taken Moses, and was now taking Joshua deeper into a relationship of trust as God was about to do a new thing in his life.  Looking back told Joshua he was incapable for the task…but God pointed to a change.  And that leads me to say that if change is causing us to spend too much time looking back to what used to be…then we might want to take a closer look at where our relationship lies…

Ultimately the question becomes:  Is my faith and deepest trust with God…or is my faith and deepest trust with people…

God never fails…people always do.




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