December 3, 2013

What is it that brings us peace?  I mean especially from a Christian perspective, where do we find peace?

I look around each day and I see various things that bring peace. 

I see peace in the faces of people who offer a hand to other people.
I see peace through the lens’ of the camera’s where my friends – both personal and on blogs –   capture the beauty around them.
I see peace in people as I watch them interact with each other during the holidays.
I see peace through so many ways where people offer their love to other people.

But the Peace that affects many of us the most is the Promise of Jesus to be with us.  Author Brian Zahnd quoted Miroslav Volf speaking about Advent:

“When Emmanuel came, he disappointed the expectations of many; they failed to see that the reality was better than their expectations.”

The expectations were that Emmanuel would come though physical power and might.  People wanted Emmanuel to strike their enemies, set wrongs straight, and rule with a powerful arm…The reality was an offer for peace through humility and love all held together by hope.

As we go through this season of Advent, don’t get caught up in the same sort of things that caused the people in Jesus’ day to miss him.  Make sure our expectations don’t exceed or fall short of the reality…God with us.


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