December 11, 2013

I’ve heard so many folks talk about not liking Christmas because of all the hype, the shopping ads, the hustle and bustle…and I’ve found myself on the verge of that myself.  But what brings me back to center is taking some time to reflect on the message of Christmas.

“Christmas is more than a story, Christmas is a reality of the Promise of God to be with us.”

Christmas is the Hope of what prophets and kings longed for, it is the Peace the angels sang about to the shepherds on the hills outside Bethlehem, it is the Joy of Good News that Emmanuel, God with us, can bring the Love of God to each heart…and then allow us to experience Emmanuel…God with us.

Christmas is not just a story about what was, Christmas is about New Life, it’s about Love and Mercy and Grace, Christmas is about a Promise that there is something more than what is behind…

And once we catch on to that, that there is more in front of us than there ever was behind us, we begin to understand what the angels meant when they said, “Good News! For this day is born to you a Savior he is Christ the Lord.”



2 thoughts on “December 11, 2013

  1. I wonder about the not liking Christmas part because of all that. I think it’s more what you make of it. If we focus on the real meaning of the season – the rest is just background noise. Well – that’s how I see it 😉

    • Agreed. I am glad that I can still have this child-like vision of Christmas with all the excitement and anticipation that Christmas brings…I still don’t hear reindeer on the roof Christmas Eve 🙂 but listening is still a major part of Christmas…Have a good holiday and thank you for checking in on my posts.

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