January 9, 2014

When we try to understand what the Christian life is calling us toward, persistence to the task at hand seems to be the top priority.  We often find ourselves searching through the details of our life trying to find what can only be found through effort, through doing.  (Again, don’t misunderstand.  Doing is not a prerequisite of God’s love in any form or fashion)

The Christian life is a simple life really.

People make it difficult. 

We search and dig and create, we are so intent on being sure we get everything just right.  We separate ourselves from those who think differently than we do, we sometimes even condemn those who think differently than we do.  We painstakingly look at each detail of life to see who is following more closely.

Yet Jesus simply says follow me…get rid of anything that comes between you and me…love is the greatest commandment.

What part of that is so hard for us to understand?

Practice a simple life today or any day, but for one day practice following Jesus, practice putting out of the way anything that stops us from following Jesus. – It may be things but it might also be attitudes – and practice love in the most raw of forms…loving the unlovable or love those who offend us in various ways.

Do something for the underdog…
Turn the other cheek…
Move to the back of the line…
Offer gestures of kindness…
Give in excess…
Search hearts before speaking…
Look at each person as if they were Jesus…

And if you can’t figure out how to do any of those things…Try Google.




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