January 10, 2014

We question each other about all sorts of deep theological perspectives; we want answers that are definitive, answers that send us away happy and content.  But where Jesus is concerned few questions can be answered such that we perfectly understand, “Close the books on that one I got it!”

It seems that the more we analyze the more questions arise.

But it also seems that when we put aside our questions and settle in to living what Jesus calls us to live – using the greatest commandments (Matthew 22:37) as a guide – we begin to understand Jesus better.  We learn bits at a time.  In other words God gives us bits at a time, learn the first bit well, and then comes another, and another…continue in that fashion and our questions are either answered…or we find them irrelevant to life within the kingdom.

People at all levels of life question God when it comes to suffering.  We wonder why God chooses to exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We question why the followers of Jesus don’t always live and behave as Jesus calls us to live.  We question why God sometimes seems absent in our world or in our lives.  Some question the existence of heaven and hell, or “Who God, will live in either place?”

On and on we could go with the type of questions that have the ability to challenge faith and/or stop our quest for truth.  When any of those types of questions find their way into our mind remember Jesus telling the rich young man (paraphrased by me) “Put away anything that comes between you and me…and then come and follow me.”

There is nothing wrong with questions, all of us have them.  We learn and grow through our questions.  But if our questions turn us away from Jesus, if our questions stop our spiritual growth and our quest for the mind of Christ, they are harmful.  If we demand answers to questions that are, and have always been, shrouded in mystery, if we throw down the gauntlet to God demanding an answer…we will be disappointed, and some will walk away saying as did many in Jesus’ day, “This teaching is too hard, who can accept it?”

Just something to think about…


Are our thoughts filled with Love.  Do we treat all people with Mercy.  Do we offer the same Grace as that which has given Life to our otherwise dreary existence.


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