Can’t sleep

The clock just chimed 12:30 and all is well – and awake.  I can’t sleep.

I have my grandmother’s old mantle clock that chimes on the hour and then once again on the half hour.  My guess is that it dates back to around the twenties or thirties judging from the woodwork.  It hasn’t run for a long time and I thought it was broken so I got it out today.

(one of my many attempts at not going stir crazy from being in the house since last Thursday.  I’m going to forget how to fish)

I sat it on the table, made sure it was nice and level, and started the pendulum.


I started it at about eight o’clock and it hasn’t missed a tick or a toc since.  It’s even keeping time pretty well.  I hope it doesn’t have to be adjusted because that requires sliding the pendulum up or down…at very tiny increments.

It seems pretty amazing to me that somebody thought up all those gears – being powered by a coil spring – to move exactly right to keep the correct time.

Good night all. 



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