January 23, 2014

Working through my devotions this morning I was inspired – to say the least – in the reading.

I think of all the issues that people face, myself included, all the self-inflicted issues, the ones we have no control over, the ones we think we have control over,  the ones we think will be the defining point in our life…and I think of how we so often plead with God to intervene and remove those things or make the changes that need to happen to deal with them. 

And usually, mostly I would say, we are looking for God to bring some new look, something other than what we already have, and relieve us of the pain, or the suffering, or the frustrations, or the things that we think are the reasons for all of those distractions.

But reality is as author Evelyn Underhill writes:

“We can never forecast the path God’s energy of rescue will take.”

And that sent me off thinking of how God so often reveals his strength through the most surprising ways, ways that seem to work through weakness and obedience.

And us people don’t like either of those things…weakness or obedience.

But when we look at Scripture Old and New, we find God working through those two things more than any other.  It seems that when God decides to ‘deliver us from those who trespass against us’ when God decides to ‘lead us through the valley of the shadow of death’ when God decides to reveal himself through Jesus…it is through weakness and obedience that God chooses to act.

Underhill says:

“God will transform and use the unlikely looking material already at hand – the loaves and tiny fishes – looking up to heaven and blessing it, and making it do after all.”

What all of that says, is that God is aware of our dilemmas and wants to heal them for us.  And since we cannot forecast the path God’s energy of rescue will take, we seem best served to be still in God’s presence, humbly sit before him in obedience and allow God to move…

Bells and whistles will not go off, sirens will not blare, but in it’s time healing will take place and we will know that such healing came through God’s love…not our efforts.





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