February 9, 2014

We were made for community.  As Christians we were built to be together.

Our Spiritual life and how we grow in that life, how we feel God’s presence, how we pay attention to the teaching and reminding of the Holy Spirit is a journey, it’s a pilgrimage toward the Promised land, Christian perfection.  Our Spiritual life is attending to the means of grace, the ways that God seeks to communicate and interact with us. 

Our spiritual life and responsibility is to become more Christ-like…more involved with the people around us…because how could we ever attain any Christian perfection…without becoming involved with people, without engaging people…we were built for community and part of our Spiritual growth involves being acquainted with community…people.  If the spiritual part of us ever intends to grow and become more than it currently is…there must be engagement with people.

 That’s why it’s so important to put hands on ministries.  Sending money is a good thing.  Organizations positively affect people through the money we send them…but nothing we can send can take the place of personal contact.  That’s why mission is so important.  Mission is not just that we go and help, “Those Poor People.”  Mission is Relational and it’s also a major factor in our spiritual growth.

Just some things to think about…


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