February 13, 2014

A couple of pictures from our little dab of snow.

snow 2014 003

snow 2014 004

Sunshine this morning changes the mood of the day…

snow 2014 007

snow 2014 006


Our knowledge of the Kingdom is so important to how we model the life of Christ. And it is important as to whether or not we draw others into the fellowship, into the body of Christ…if we fail it’s because we’re either ignorant of the Word, we don’t know what it says, or we’re distracted…we know what the word says, we just don’t do what it says.

I realize there is more to the understanding than a quick read, there is studying and discernment and applying context to the time, listening to differing opinions and making our own Informed decisions about what the text is speaking to us…

In my own sometimes foolish knowledge it seems that the reason so many have issues with God, don’t follow Jesus’ teaching, and fail to connect, and be led by, the Holy Spirit…is because we often get so distracted by other things that we allow others opinions be our opinions. 

It is much easier to allow someone to tell us what to believe than it is to take the time, do the study, to make our own informed decisions.

It creates a problem when we do that, and the problem is that we become puppets to the louder voices.  And much of the time it seems that the louder voices arrive at their beliefs through different thinking than my own…





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