February 14, 2014

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From listening to issues people face, and the things that challenge our faith, I have come to the conclusion that Lots of questions we have about God are a result of what we expect of God.

A good exercise would be to write down your expectations of God…make a list, a long one if necessary…and then sit down with a good concordance (or the internet, just make sure we check our expectations out through Scripture not people – including me) and compare our list with Scripture.

See what happens to what we expect of God after that…if we need to change don’t be afraid to change…its’ called growing.  If we’re on the right track, look deeper.  What happens is that the more we look the more we discover, and the more we discover the more we see how much we need to discover. 

Be aware of those who lead us to believe they have this God and faith business all figured out.  The Biblical example is that Jesus showed them how much they didn’t know.  God reserves the right to be this mysterious One that surprises us from time to time.




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