April 23, 2014






Joy –



Which punctuation most describes your life?

It sort of depends on how we define joy or if joy is a given or especially what our expectations are.

Speaking from a Christian perspective, joy is not dependant on circumstances.  In fact Biblically speaking, joy is largely associated with grief and suffering.  The Biblical writers seem to relate joy to the spiritual life and not as a way to explain happiness.

John S. Mogabgab said it this way:

“…the joy we know in the company of God is not dependent on immediate circumstances such as good health, fair wealth, or amiable fellowship…Joy draws its color and intensity from a palette of grace far more splendid than the muted hues that dapple the surface of daily experience.”

Christian Joy seems to be more of a state of being than a mood or an emotion.

In this Easter season between the resurrection and Pentecost think how – or if – Joy is evident in our life.  Keep in mind that joy transcends emotion.

Peace and Joy





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