April 25, 2014

Because the Easter season is upon us, I think of Easter and all the excitement, all the hype, all the happiness as families get together, children play in the yard, and all of that culminates into an hour on Sunday morning with Easter hymns and a message that Jesus is alive!

Is that Joy?

I think about birthday celebrations, cake and funny hats, candles and parties.

Is that Joy?

With summer approaching I think about vacations, time at the beach, mountains, travel, being away from work for a while to rest and relax.

Is that Joy?

To all the above…Maybe.

It sort of depends on our view of joy.  Is joy something like happiness, or laughter, is joy something we experience from time to time depending on what is happening in our lives?  In other words is joy related to our emotions, to a feeling, or to an experience?

Biblically speaking…I don’t think so.

Christian joy is about more than how we feel on any particular day.  Joy can be felt through all of those things above but joy is most evident through our ability to reveal the positive through any situation.  Sometimes joy is expressed through clenched teeth…sometimes joy is expressed through sorrow…sometimes joy is shown through trials and through suffering.

Joy seems to be more of a way of life than a response to things that stimulate our senses.

Just some thoughts…



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