May 17, 2014

The week was a blur.  We worked on two houses – the porch on previous post and a trailer house that had holes in the floor, replace cardboard window, door knobs, shore up the front door, replace kitchen faucet and repair leaky drain, and replace floors in kitchen, bathroom, hall, and one bedroom.  And we only had to crawl under the house twice 🙂

We never made it to the roof – roof leaks all over.  Sager Brown received a grant for $75,000 to replace roofs.  This was a huge benefit to the people working there.





This was a leaky sewer pipe that we didn’t have to fix.  I’m sort of glad about that…


Kitchen floor before…


And after…



Started to work on leaky drain pipe and change a broken faucet but first had to fix the hole in the floor.


Took the tape off and no wonder it leaked…



I was afraid to look at what I might find to remove the faucet but it was the easiest faucet I’ve ever changed.  I was surprised.


All done and no leaks 🙂


The window above the sink from inside and then outside after replacing the glass and fixing the frame.



We had to crawl under to fix the hole in the floor before putting the floor down. 



I believe this is the ugliest working water heater that I’ve ever seen…



Before and after the bathroom floor…


We had a great week.  It’s always eye-opening to experience the way other people live and the struggles they go through day to day.  When we meet the poor ones and see the joy in their faces as their homes are repaired I am extremely humbled.  In my home I don’t have to watch where I walk so I don’t fall through the floor, my doors close, my windows are not broken, there is no raw sewage under my floor.  My life is made a bit better by being acquainted with those who can’t say those things.

Mission is about relationships.  Yes the work is very appreciated but by far just knowing that somebody cares and that somebody takes their time to befriend is appreciated as much or more than the work.  People need people, they need people to care and offer a hand of friendship, they need to feel the love of Jesus.

If you’ve never taken a chance to be in mission whether abroad or at home, seek out a way to do that.  Just remember that when you care for other people it will cost something, usually our time and effort.  But from my experience – and the experience of countless others – if you allow yourself to experience mission the opportunity exists for a life-changing encounter.




4 thoughts on “May 17, 2014

  1. Although not livin’ the high-life in royal jewels & gems – I sure have a lot to be thankful for.
    What a great thing that you & others are doing here.

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