May 24, 2014

Holidays usually come and go before I realize them – Christmas and Easter exempted.

This year though, I have been aware of the Memorial day holiday all week – I’m not sure why.  I’m not one to do much in the way of decorating grave sites beyond making sure family headstones are not in disrepair.  I have only visited my father’s grave once since he died so many years ago.  I feel closer to him walking in the woods, fishing, and just doing the things he and I used to do.  I do miss him but thoughts of visiting the gravesite in the Johnson City National Cemetery just don’t slip into my mind very often.


Johnson City National Cemetery

I do hope that people take the time to remember their friends and family that served in wars; hopefully people will remember more than on holidays. 

I am not a fan of war but I have learned a lot about people who have fought in wars.  None of them liked war either.  Many thought they were doing their duty to their country, others thought they might see the world, and some had no real choice but to honor their draft notices.  Either way the toll on families has been great since the revolutionary war.  Regardless of what I think of war, there is a place in my heart for those who have served in wars. 

My father was a medic in the Army in WWII.  He cared for the fallout of war without regard to nationality.  I suppose I’ve learned something from him.

Since most families in our nation are a product of someone in the armed forces, spend at least a little time this weekend thinking about them.





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