May 27, 2014

Life calls on us for some sort of reaction to the things going on around us.  That might be a reaction to the way one person treats another person.  It might be a reaction to the way we understand interpretations of Scripture…or it might be a reaction to the plight of other people for a variety of reasons.

What we have to offer largely depends upon our ability or our knowledge or maybe our experience.  And if we’re people who follow Jesus what we have to offer depends on our understanding of Jesus.  When we understand Jesus we know how Jesus reacted at different things that he encountered.

Think about it.  As children we understood how our superheroes would react to given situations…I think about my own childhood; our heroes were Roy Rogers, Matt Dillon, Gene Autry, the Lone Ranger…all of those western heroes that went about doing good.  When we played it was the ‘good guys’ against the ‘bad guys’ and we knew how the good guys were to behave…we knew because we spent a lot of time reading comic books, watching movies and T.V. shows, a lot of time remembering and putting into practice what we remembered, and when a particular situation came up, we knew how to react.

Our life with Jesus is really not much different.  Lots of things in life will call on us to react to the situations around us.  The more in touch we stay with Jesus, the more Jesus’ life will influence our reactions.

Find some way to stay in touch through daily devotions, Bible reading, and prayer.  Remembering Jesus at mealtimes is also a good way to start if we don’t already.





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