June 4, 2014

I got an unexpected chance to fish a while this evening.  The other Jim couldn’t go…he had to go and work today 😦


fishin June 4, 2014 001

fishin June 4, 2014 002

fishin June 4, 2014 005

fishin June 4, 2014 008

fishin June 4, 2014 009

fishin June 4, 2014 010

fishin June 4, 2014 014

fishin June 4, 2014 017

The rainbows were beautiful, the pictures don’t show it though…I’ve got to get a new fishing camera.  I missed some other wildlife, a muskrat, a big water bird flying just over my head straight at me and I had the time to take it’s picture – with a different camera.

All in all it was a relaxing time on the river.




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