June 5, 2014

I said the other day that I wasn’t ready for Pentecost.  I suppose part of that is because I’m like most folks and worry some about the unknown.  Anticipation yanks some cord in me that makes me fret, worry, and try to figure it all out in my mind in an effort to keep surprise at a minimum and have some idea of what to do next.  We people just like to know our next move especially when we’re hit with some unexpected move on life’s part.

But for those of us who call ourselves Christian, control is something we give up when we accept Pentecost as the defining moment in a life with Jesus.

When we follow Jesus there is this unexpected-ness that defines how we live.  We’re often interrupted in what we’re doing because something – usually someone – suddenly becomes more important.  Our wants and needs often take a backseat to the wants and needs of others.  Our leisure is often interrupted by service as we sacrifice our time.  Our hearts continually burn for the plight of other people who suffer.

But just like Pentecost, many of us are still not ready when the unexpected happens unless we’re open to the idea that life with Jesus is taking distractions in stride.

Think about Pentecost as the coming of the power that allows us to move and live outside the lines of our thinking, the coming of the power that shows us that our bent toward understanding is best used understanding Jesus…not our next move.




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