June 28, 2014

altar june 29

Our Christian education is to grow us into people who bear more of the image of Christ – not the image of the world. We learn so that we expand our thinking, our knowledge…so that we become better acquainted with the issues we face, and then we challenge them if necessary, with a Biblical perspective.

We dare not study and learn just to confirm what we already know.  We study and learn to grow on to the next level. We may well confirm some things that we already know – none of us are wrong on everything – but since none of us understand totally the implications of all of Scripture, we learn so that we understand that when our lives run up on a barrier of some sort, we have what it takes not to let that barrier turn us around the other way without considering what God might be trying to teach us.

Barriers should cause us to stop, pay attention, look around over and under and see where God is in all of that…barriers are not always dead ends.  Sometimes barriers are only dead ends because of our fear of the unknown or our lack of Spiritual insight.  Our Christian education – some God learned or given wisdom – combined with a teachable spirit often takes us to the other side of barriers where abundant Life continues.




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