July 11, 2014


Sometimes people in our day, probably in days past as well, sometimes many allow their learning to come through the filter of others…It’s like the Word is poured out through a sieve…some of it stops at the first barrier, and some of it goes on to the next barrier, and some of it goes on to the next…on and on it goes until what is left is simply the interpretation of one.

What might not have been understood was filtered out, and what was left was filtered out again and again…until there is a teaching that is devoid of several key ingredients.

How do we understand love…how do we understand forgiveness…how do we understand sacrifice…how do we understand loving God through loving our neighbors…

When Jesus told the parable of the sower he came fresh from a conversation with people who filtered out the Scripture to mean that God had done all that God intended to do until Messiah came, and their filter left out the room for God to act as God would choose, “It will happen this way,” they thought.

And they left out what God had always wanted with his people, As the prophet Hosea said, “I desire mercy not sacrifice.” (Hosea 6:6)

In other words God wanted circumcised hearts through the Spirit…not circumcised flesh by the law. (Romans 2:29  After all, what is compassion without kindness, what is humility without self-sacrifice, what is giving without gratitude, what is mercy without forgiveness, what is peace without reconciliation, what is reproof and correction without patience and love…and what is love without all of the above…




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