July 15, 2015

I just read a post of Facebook entitled:

Tatsuke Narita: The truth of music is found beyond virtuosity.

In the article, the author said, “Tatsuki’s great concern of the moment is to let life influence him, to live music with the feelings and emotions that it brings him.”

Tatsuki went on in the article to say that he read somewhere that to live in this world one must learn love without laws.  To him that meant stop seeking perfection, broaden horizons, and be carried away and influenced by the experiences that keep coming our way because our experiences are all a part of us.  And right away I began thinking about how our experiences affect our Christian life, especially our ideas about love.

The stop seeking perfection part simply means that if all of our time is spent thinking about perfection we will lose the moments of our days that all put together is the life we live in the now.  If we sacrifice the Now opting for perfection, we in essence miss it all.  Seeking perfection seems to be looking for the outer limit of Life bypassing the practicing part, that is, the part of life that we call the now where we live, work, and play each day.

We are called to live a life striving for perfection but to me that implies getting the practicing part down well, not bypassing it for something in the future.  Part of our problem as Christians is that we spend too much time looking toward eternity, toward the end of our life…we want the bliss of Heaven without walking and working through our obligation on earth.  I’m not sure how we arrived at that thinking because it leaves out Jesus’ call to love unconditionally…and to love unconditionally is to love without laws.  Spiritually speaking, laws affect both mind and heart.

Laws give limits.
Laws define boundaries.
Laws are fixed.
Laws create guilt.
Laws are cold.
Laws hinder creativity.
Laws infer punishment.
aws discourage extravagance.

And when laws are imposed on love…well…love is limited, has boundaries, is predictable, causes guilt, cannot be new and fresh, and defines what is enough, no need to be more than necessary.  In other words when laws are imposed, we lose what it means to love unconditionally…we lose much of the beauty of Life.  Learning to love without laws is clearing the mind of all the obstructions that limit the giving of ourselves.

I realize I’m rambling but these are just some thoughts going on in my cluttered mind today…



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